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¡Your Device ready to send in only 4 simple steps!

Create an order on our site
A) Log in our web to create you order by clicking "My account". If you don´t have an account you can create one by clicking in "Register".
B) Add to your shopping cart the service that need to repair your device and proceed to checkout like any other product.
C) If you are not sure which service your device needs or only need an estimate, add the estimate to your shopping cart. You can see the estimates available by searching the word "estimate".

Fill the form Formulario PDF
Fill the PDF form found here. You can fill it by hand or computer.

A) You must indicate in the form you order number. 
B) If you are sending us more than one device in the same package you might have to fill several sheets.
C) The second sheet it´s to place outside you package in a visible site.

* If you have problems with the form, download the latest Adobe Reader version here.

Package your device
It´s important that you only send us your device, there´s no need for you to send power cords or ac adapters.

A) Use the original box or any other box with room in it and fill it with protection so your device doesn´t move.
B) DO NOT include any battery, memory card or game. Only do it if we ask you to. 
C) Pack the box with paper or plastic and duct tape.

Call our carrier agency
The y will pick the package directly at your home.
Agencia Autoradio
If you are in Galicia call Autoradio:
902 256 356
981 259 105
Agencia Nacex
If you are in Spain or Portugal call Nacex:
from Spain: 902 92 20 15
from Portugal: +34 981 13 40 20
Agencia Seur
If you are in Baleares call SEUR:
902 10 10 10
A) Let them know you have a package for Todoconsolas and they will ask for a pick up address, ask them your pick up id number so that you can fallow your package through their tracking systems:

Autoradio´s Tracking System
Nacex´s Tracking System
SEUR´s Tracking Systemr

You CAN´T use any other phone number or carrier other ways the special shipping fee won´t apply.
B) For the repairs the shipping fee is 9,95€. 
C) The payment method is contra reembolso (you pay to the carrier when you receive you packager back) o bank transfer. 
D) If you send the device through any other carrier agencies than the one specified for your zone, the cost can vary and we could apply to you a fee for the shipping management.

And now relax...

we been working for 10 years and have thousands of consoles an many other devices repair before yours. Our delivery is ensured and our reputation through all these years it´s you best guaranty, but beside we trust our work so much that we offer you an 12 months guaranty.

The repair estimate is free. If you do not accept or does not repair any device which you submit, you only pay shipping costs. If you are registered as a distributor, an additional charge of 3 € per console / device is not repairable and 5 € per budget is not accepted.

We do not accept any device previously repair or modificated by thirds if the owner doesn´t assume the responsibility due to problems that might come up because of bad works done previously.

The pickup and return service it´s only available for repairs in Spain and Portugal.

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